• Do you do Costume makeup and Halloween?
    Absolutely! Not only do we know how to do it, we’ve worked on a number of Halloween related professional photo shoots and campaigns.
  • Do you do live events?
    We LOVE live events! We can get your executives hair and makeup ready for their big presentation, we can get your award recipients looking great for their head-shots, and we can even do hair and makeup for your booth models. Looking your best for potential partners, employees, and customers is very important.
  • Do you offer net terms?
    No, full payment is due no later then the day of application.
  • Do you have experience with film?
    Yes we do! We've worked on both major motion pictures as well as small, independent productions. We've also worked with TV series and promo clips. Our hair and makeup artists are set-trained and equipped to help make your production a success.
  • Do you offer hair styling services
    Yes, upon request and stylist availability.
  • Do you have experience working with HD Cameras?
    Absolutely. HD camera’s have changed the way makeup artists work, and we are trained with the new (ahem ruthless) way cameras capture details and faces. Our makeup kits are heavy with HD specific makeup lines, and our detail is precise.
  • Do you have a team that can accommodate several principles in a short amount of time?
    We do. Our team currently consists of four makeup artists and two hair stylists. We can handle many models or talent in a very short amount of time. Please email us specifics so that we can work with you on scheduling of your project.
  • What is Dermablend
    What is Dermablend foundation? A medium to full coverage foundation that easily covers imperfections with a lightweight finish. Delivers twice the coverage than regular foundations without the heavy look or feeling. The lightweight formula effortlessly disguises imperfections and evens skin tone, leaving a soft, natural finish. The product works great for oil skin and is water resistant almost water proof I would say. This non-comedogenic and fragrance-free foundation can last up to 16 hours, providing you with a flawless complexion all day long. Covers: Acne Acne scaring Dark spots Dark Circles Uneven skin tone Discolouration's Scars Birthmark Freckles Rosacea
  • Do you do airbrush makeup?
    Airbrush makeup is definitely one of the services we offer! However, like all makeup applications, the method is not suited for every skin type. We use both airbrush and hand applications depending on each clients unique needs.
  • What is the difference between airbrush makeup and traditional makeup?
    While airbrush makeup is sprayed onto the face, traditional foundation is applied with a brush, sponge, or fingertips. Both methods can be used to create a flawless, durable finish. One of the big misunderstandings about airbrush makeup is that it is waterproof. Waterproof makeup can be applied by hand or by airbrush and the method of application does not impact how long the makeup lasts. Everyone has different skin types and different needs, so it’s important to have a foundation that is customized to fit those specific needs.
  • What is airbrush makeup?
    Airbrushing makeup is a method of applying makeup through an air gun. The makeup used for airbrush can be either designed to be used with a machine or it can be a traditional foundation mixed with a mixing medium to thin the consistency enough to travel with compressed air through a gun.
  • How long will it take?
    Service length:
    Bridal Consultation: Typically 1-2 hours. We prefer to allow a sufficient amount of time to try different looks. This service is very important and it takes time to create your perfect look.
    Bridal Makeup: 1 hour.
    Wedding Day Makeup & Hair: 2 hours for both.
    Bridesmaids Makeup: Typically 1 hour per person.
    Special Event Makeup: 1 - 2 hours
    Hair Styling: 1 hour per person
    All times are based on a general average however in rare circumstances the times may vary.
  • Where do you do the services?
    Trials are generally done in the Makeup Excuse in-home studio or we can come to you at your home or location of event upon request for an additional charge. Event day applications are done on location unless requested otherwise.
  • Do you stay at my event for touch ups?
    If you would like us to stay for touch ups the service fee is $100 per hour per stylist.
  • How do I prepare for my appointment?
    For all clients:
    1. It is helpful if you bring hair and makeup pictures with you of looks you would like me to create.
    2. Wash your face and apply moisturizer only (but nothing with SPF)
    3. Make sure your hair is clean and dry
  • What forms of payment are accepted
    Makeup Excuse takes e-transfers, MasterCard, Visa, cash or PayPal. No cheques will be accepted.
  • What type of products do you use?
    It depends on your skin texture, type and tone. We carry an extensive assortment of MAC Cosmetics, Temptu Air brushes, and Dermablend products, Urban Decay & Makeup Forever.
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